Welcome to Dew of the Gods.

Dew is mindful, vegan skincare designed to inspire wellness & self-care.
We make good skincare, and we care about the world we sell it in.

Do you accept wholesale orders?

Yes! Dew of the Gods has customers in over 35 countries, and we offer wholesale opportunities globally. 

What are your production capabilities?

Our current production capabilities are 500,000 units per SKU per month.

How can I place a wholesale order with Dew?

Please send an email to hello@dew.co with the following information:

• Your brand name
• Your city and country
• The store, website or platform you plan to sell on
• A list of products you wish to sell
• A quantity of each item you wish to sell

How does your wholesale pricing work?

Our wholesale pricing is adjusted based on the time of year and our inventory on-hand, as well as the quantities you are interested in ordering. Larger orders will receive larger volume discounts. Please contact us with the above information for a custom quote.

Do you produce custom runs for wholesale orders?

We can produce custom production runs for orders of over 1000 units per SKU.

Do you work with subscription box brands?

Yes! Dew of the Gods has been featured in all of the top beauty subscription boxes in the world. 

Do you offer exclusivity for wholesale orders?

Exclusivity options depend on volume and order specifics. Please contact us for more information.

Do you offer distribution scenarios for global markets?

Distribution opportunities depend on the market and the volume of product. Please contact us for more information.