Our promise to the LGBTQ+ Community

A note from Dew's founder, Ryan Dubs

Dew is an LGBT-owned brand, and I’m so proud of that. In my day job, i get the pleasure of working with some of the biggest cosmetics and skincare brands in the world. I’ve learned so much about this industry and I’m excited to bring my knowledge of our industry to Dew in a fun and vibrant way. But one thing I don’t see enough of is true inclusivity to the LGBT community. Don’t get me wrong, it’s so much better than its ever been before and to be honest, it’s totally on-brand to be gay AF right now, but I just don’t think the token gay or trans person in the beauty industry’s marketing is enough. I want to make a bigger commitment to my community by embedding LGBTQ+ visibility into our marketing, branding, and the way the Dew team represent ourselves on the global stage.

Our promise is this: we promise to actively include people who identify as LGBTQ+ at the core of our advertising, not just to appear ‘inclusive’, but to truly represent the underrepresented so that when a 13 year old boy scrolling his Instagram feed sees an ad for blessed glacier water formulated for the gods and the gawdddds, he feels like he’s represented and painted as the hero in a world he may otherwise be unsure of.

The same goes for anyone else who identifies as different, whether that difference is in your sexual orientation, gender identity, skin color, or body size. we promise to be responsible in our advertising and to contribute positively to a movement I hope everyone is on board with! This is DEW OF THE GODS and we love EVERYONE!