Welcome to the Dew of the Gods Content Exchange Program! This program is designed for influencers and members of the media/press that are new to our PR list and have not yet been vetted for quality or reliability. 

In order to ensure that you are a good fit for our PR list, we require new applicants to enter our content stream through our Content Exchange Program. To be a member of our content/influencer team, you must purchase an order from us with the products you wish to try and promote using the promo code "CEP2022". Your order must be paid for in full at our regular pricing; using this code will indicate to us that you've placed your order under our Content Exchange Program and that you plan to create content with the products that you're purchasing. If the content meets our quality standards and our PR team wants to use the content for our social media, website or packaging, we will provide a full refund for the products that are featured in the content we want to use.


Please see the below for more information and frequently asked questions:

1. Am I guaranteed to receive a refund once I create content with the products and send it to you?

No. The purpose of our Content Exchange Program is to encourage timely submissions of content that are high quality and feed-worthy for our social media and PR team. If the content you provide us is not of the quality or standard that we want to see on our social media and website, it will be rejected.

2. What happens if the content I submit is rejected?

We encourage you to try again! Our PR team will provide tips and feedback on how to re-shoot the content in a way that will likely be approved (including recommendations for lighting, focus, settings/backgrounds, etc.). There is no limit to how many times you can resubmit content. 

3. Is there a time limit between purchasing with the CEP code and when I need to submit content?

Yes. You must submit content within a 14 day period from the day your order is placed. This allows time for both shipping as well as experimentation with the product. 

4. Will I always have to submit content under the Content Exchange Program by purchasing my order first?

No! Our goal is to create a PR list of engaged, enthusiastic and professional influencers who we can trust to create high quality content for us in a timely manner. Depending on the quality of your content, we may move you to our official PR list where you will not need to purchase your order (we will mail it out to you for free without needing to participate in the paid CEP). 

5. How will I be reimbursed for my content?

You will receive a refund to the card on file for your original order within 24 hours after our PR team accepts your content. You will only be reimbursed for the products in which your content was accepted for. For example, if you place an order for 5 items and submit one photo for each item, but only 3 pieces of content are accepted, you will only receive a refund for the products featured in the accepted content.

6. How do I submit content?

Please submit content by Dropbox or WeTransfer ONLY to

7. What kind of content should I submit?

The best way to understand the quality of content we're looking for is to look at our Instagram feed @dewofthegods -- any user generated content (i.e. non-professional, non-photoshoot content) on our feed is of acceptable quality, so it's best to reference our past posts on Instagram. We accept both photo and video content -- and providing both in a consistently high quality manner will push you to the front of the line of our regular PR list. We love BOTH photo and video content, but video is not required for the CEP, however it can definitely be submitted for a faster and more likely acceptance into our regular PR list. 

8. What are your best tips to ensure my content is accepted on the first round?

Referencing our past posts on our feed is the best way to understand what we're looking for, but we want a high quality, elevated skin care aesthetic. No messy bedrooms/beds/busy backgrounds. We expect high quality lighting, a light glam if using makeup (we prefer a natural no-makeup look but as long as the look isn't too glam, makeup is totally fine!). Basically, if you wouldn't post it on your own IG feed, the content likely won't be accepted -- so try to create elevated content. 

9. If my content is rejected, can I still receive a refund for my order? 

No. If your content is ultimately rejected and you do not wish to continue trying to improve it, we will not provide you with a refund.

10. Do I need to post the content on my feed/story?

No! Our goal is to create content for our feed. That being said, we LOVE when our influencers share the content they create for us to their own audience, and doing so will definitely help place you in a higher rank on our regular PR list.

11. Why was the CEP created?

We get tons of emails and DMs every day from amazing influencers wanting to try our products in exchange for content, which we love. However, most of the time the content we receive isn't high quality enough, or never arrives. The CEP is the best way for us to mutually create a professional and consistent PR relationship with new influencers we haven't worked with. Our hope is to move anyone who participates in our CEP program onto our regular PR list, which will not require a purchase and reimbursement.